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Risk warning notice

RISK NOTICE for customers


Before you decide to utilize the services of Platin Genesis Asia Limited, Unit 2512, 25/F,
Langham Place Office Tower, 8 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
(hereafter PLATIN GENESIS), you are obligated to acknowledge the following risk notices
and to accept them as a part of the contract.

By checking off the box you acknowledge the following conditions explicitly as acknowledged
and as a part of the contract before the formation of a rental or purchase contract with PLATIN

(1) You acknowledge and agree to PLATIN GENESIS not selling (either directly or indirectly
or through third parties), otherwise marketing or imparting cryptocurrencies. Rather, PLATIN
GENESIS grants its customers cost-free usage of computers of its computer center within the
parameters of a definite rental period or allows its customers to purchase hardware within the
parameters of a purchase contract.

(2) Furthermore, you explicitly acknowledge and agree that you are entirely aware of the
circumstances and have been sufficiently informed that the cryptocurrency market is highly
VOLATILE and that this market is also EXTREMELY SPECULATIVE, and the possession or
trade of cryptocurrencies entails a significant risk of loss, which may quickly turn into
considerable loss and in the worst case TOTAL LOSS of the value of the cryptocurrencies in
one’s possession.

(3) You acknowledge and agree that PLATIN GENESIS will not make any assurances,
guarantees or promises of any sort with regard to expected profits, value growth or other yields
in relation to cryptocurrencies, beyond the regulations in the rental or purchase contract(s).

(4) You explicitly acknowledge, in particular before the formation of a rental or purchase
contract, and agree that you have business experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and
their economic use, and

(a) you explicitly understand and are willing to bear the economic, legal, fiscal and other
risks with regard to the cryptocurrencies in your possession;

(b) under consideration of your personal financial situation, financial resources, your
personal lifestyle and your monetary obligations, you are financially able to bear the loss
of your entire expenses pertaining to the usage of PLATIN GENESIS’ rental and purchase
contract services, without this significantly encumbering your financial circumstances in the
event of a total loss of the value of your cryptocurrencies;

(c) you are knowledgeable of the respective cryptocurrencies in your possession and the
factors that determine their value.

(5) You explicitly acknowledge and agree that PLATIN GENESIS will not offer you any
consultation pertaining to cryptocurrencies or the cryptocurrency markets. Instead, PLATIN
GENESIS will only offer the contractual usage of its computer center and the purchase of

(6) You explicitly acknowledge and agree that within the parameters of the laws, official decrees
or jurisdiction in accordance with your national laws, it is possible that the acquisition,
possession and trade in cryptocurrencies is not permitted or is only permitted with
authorization, and you are solely responsible for ensuring that the usage and valorization of
the services of PLATIN GENESIS is permissible in accordance with the laws that apply to you.

(7) You explicitly acknowledge and agree that untrue or speculative statements or predictions,
or the advertisement of PLATIN GENESIS’ services as an asset/currency/financial investment
that may be impermissibly utilized by third parties in order to promote the dissemination and
usage of PLATIN GENESIS’ services are untrue and illegal, and are thus strictly prohibited,
you must prohibit such actions, and that violation of this will be legally prosecuted.

(8) You explicitly acknowledge and agree that PLATIN GENESIS denies and does not
welcome any third-party statements about its services, and PLATIN GENESIS advises its
customers not to rely on statements from third parties pertaining to the services of PLATIN
GENESIS or the possession or trade of cryptocurrencies, either positive or negative.

(9) PLATIN GENESIS is not liable for the occurrence of the success that the customer or their
customers hope to achieve through the usage of its services.

(10) You explicitly acknowledge and agree that PLATIN GENESIS is authorized, on the basis
of the statements in item (6), to completely or partially limit or terminate its services for
individual markets at any time, and in the event of termination of the contract relationship with
you, to end this relationship without notice.